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Get Green this season with a fresh cut Christmas Tree grown right here in the Midwest.

Artificial Trees v.s. Real Christmas Trees

   Most artificial Christmas Trees are imported. These artificial trees are made of metals and plastics. The plastic material, typically PVC, can be a potential source of hazardous lead. 

   We believe in natural trees. Not only do they smell great in your home, you can also recycle them within your communities.

By selecting a fresh cut Christmas Tree this season, you'll be making an Eco-friendly decision as well as supporting your local Midwestern tree farms.

Unlike our competitors, we personally hand select each and every one of our trees.  We also have various shipments throughout the holiday season to bring the early to late shoppers the freshest trees possible.

Happy Holidays!

Need help in finding that perfect tree? Check out the locations page to find the nearest tree lot in your area.

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