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     Top choices for Christmas Trees

Fraser Fir: The perfect Christmas Tree. Not only is the needle retention great, it also smells wonderful. It has strong spaced out branches that are very easy to decorate, especially with heavy ornaments.The beautiful shape along with the soft silvery-green needles truly makes this most idealistic and best looking Christmas Tree.

Canaan Fir
: The Canaan Fir is also a great choice. It has similarities to make it look both like a Fraser Fir and a Balsam Fir. Soft silvery green needles on strong branches make it easy to decorate. The needle retention is great and it holds it's shape very well under heavy decorating.

Balsam Fir: We feel the Balsam Fir has the strongest scent of all of the choices. Which is why it is the most popular Christmas tree on the market. It has a beautiful shape with lots of branches that are soft to the touch. It makes decorating very easy.

Colorado Blue Spruce: Considered to have the best needle retention amongst the spruce family, it's color is more light blue than green. The needles are about 1 1/2"   on very strong branches. They are great to decorate, but a bit tricky to handle. Gloves will make this beautiful tree a little easier to work with. The Blue Spruce grow a very nice shape early on and is our top choice for what we would call a table tree.

White Pine: The White Pine has beautiful long green needles. The retention of the needle it considered to be very good. The branches are very lush and appealing, but  is not a good choice if you plan on decorating with heavy ornaments. Although it is a perfect tree for some fun popcorn garland. White Pine branches are often used in garlands, wreaths, flower boxes and make beautiful centerpieces. It has style and elegance of a beautiful tree,  all on it's own.

Fraser Fir Wreaths: We feel the Fraser Fir wreaths are to be the most durable and longest lasting of the wreaths we have tested.  Not only is the smell absolutely wonderful, the needle retention is by far the best of any wreath. They make great gifts and are a must have for your Holiday decorating.

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